Tova's Troubles

Relaxed dog near food

Aaron Furman needed help with his year and a half old female German Shepherd, Tova. Tova would not allow anyone to approach her food bowl, including Aaron and his wife Barb. Her defense of her food bowl included more bite incidents than the Furmans could count.

Tova and Aaron

Over the course of five days of a Board and Train program, I was able to consistently approach Tova's food dish and even pick it up while she was eating. Her response was a happy sit because she knew she'd get paid handsomely for allowing me to so rudely interfere with her meal. The Furmans were given instructions on some basic lifestyle changes to prevent incidents and also coached through the same process I went through during the Boarding.

Tova and Barb

These days, it is no longer scary to walk by Tova while she's eating, and the Furmans have a more relaxed dog to spend their time with.