Ben with his dog fenris

Ben with his dog fenris

Ben with his wife shannon and their dog fenris

Ben with his wife shannon and their dog fenris

Benjamin Bennink, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Ben has been a Certified Professional Dog Trainer since 2012 and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant since 2018. These certifications require demonstrated expertise in the field and dedication to continued education. He is also a professional premium member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and volunteers on the APDT's Education Committee, Membership Task Force, and Legislative Task Force. He is committed to excellence in training and utilizes the most up-to-date methods in the industry to provide clients with convenient and effective solutions to create a more harmonious home with their dogs. 

I am proud to call Ben my colleague. He has consistently shown his dedication to high-quality, humane training and behavior modification through continuing education, professional certification, and skilled application of modern techniques.
— Heather Clever, CPDT-KA

Recent Achievements, Seminars, or Events:

Fall 2018

Dean’s List (3.95 GPA) SUNY Albany

APDT Conference - October 2018

Canine Cognition

Skinner and Pavlov: Together at Last

Ouch! Resolving Puppy Biting

The New Age of Group Classes

Dog Aggression Cases: Behavior Change in Action

Neurobiology of Training

Multiple Animal Households: Making Them Work!

Communicating With Clients in Aggression Cases

August 17, 2018

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

May 30, 2018

Fear Free Certified Professional

Spring 2018

Dean's List (4.0 GPA) SUNY Albany

ClickerExpo SoCal - January 2018

Keep Calm and Click On: Evidence & Improvement in the Click to Calm Method

The Seductiveness of Shock

Ideas that Should Die: Outdated, Outmoded, and Misunderstood Behavior Science

Gamification: Engaging Training Games for Groups

Please Sir, May I have Some Food, Water ... and Control?

Arousal: Science, Not Sex

Anatomy of an Aggressive-Dog Training Plan

Dr. No: How Teaching an Animal to Say "No" Can Be the Right Prescription

The Learning Planet

The Great Divide: Is it Operant of Classical?

Fall 2017

President's List (4.0 GPA), HVCC

APDT Conference - October 2017

Tips and Tricks for Detecting Subtle Injuries That Can Derail Training

Dominance: Myth or Fact?

Safety vs Autonomy - What's the Trade Off? 

The Power of Single-subject Research Designs to Enhance Training Practices and Research

Understanding and Applying the LIMA Approach

Empathy, Teaching, and Boundary Setting: Finding the Right Mix

It's Time to Train the Trainer About Fear Free

Fear Free Veterinary Care - What Dog Trainers Need to Know

The Real Deal: Arousal, Relaxation, Attention and Self Modulation

Spring 2017

President's List (4.0 GPA), HVCC

Academic Excellence In General Biology Award, HVCC

Frederick C. V. Buch for Excellence in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory Award, HVCC


Successful Cat and Dog Introductions

Fixing The Unfixable, Redux: A New Approach To Separation Anxiety

Lending a Paw to Help with Common Cat Behavior Problems


All About Cats

Coaching People To Train Their Dogs

Beagles - More Then Just a Nose with Legs!

Growing Up Canine: Dog social & psychological development

Preventing Poisoned Pets

All About Bully Breeds


Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers