New Service: Board and Train!

I've been referring people to Milton Manor as the best boarding facility in the area for as long as I've been training dogs. This last March we took a vacation for Spring Break and boarded our dog there (I always knew they'd be the only place I'd trust to board my Fenris, but it's amazing how fast time can fly by and you forget to take a vacation). 

I was THRILLED when a few days after we picked him up I had an email from them to discuss training opportunities. We set up a meeting and the topic of board and train came up. It was kismet, because I was told that's been something they wanted to offer for a long time, and it's my preferred method!

I'm very excited to be working with Milton Manor to offer this service; I know they're just as dedicated to quality care for animals as I am, and we're all looking forward to this new arrangement. So - as I've been telling people for years: if you need daycare or boarding for your dog, GO TO MILTON MANOR! And if you'd like to come home to a dog that walks nicer on leash, jumps on people less, or has a few new skills, sign up for some Board and Train, too!

Benjamin is the owner of Good Doggy Saratoga. You can follow him on Facebook.
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