Living With Luna

Cheryl Robarge called me because she was struggling with her ten-month-old American Eskimo / Chihuahua mix, Luna. Luna was barking at guests and had some upsetting aggressive tendencies with the family. She would growl and snap to guard any item that was within a few feet of where she chose to lay down and would bite when anyone would pet her other than belly rubs. She was biting several times per day, often hard enough to draw blood.


We worked with Luna to give her more confidence and increase the level of enrichment in her daily life. Even with Cheryl's busy lifestyle and two teenage girls in the house, Luna made amazing strides. After several weeks of working with Cheryl, Luna will run to her bed and happily wait for treats when guests arrive. She also handles all kinds of petting, including being towel dried after a bath - something that had never been allowed before. Today Luna is a wonderful cuddle companion and a happy energetic player.